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Interpreters work in pair in a sound-proof booth and speak into a microphone while hearing the source-language speaker via earphones. The simultaneous interpretation is rendered to the target-language listeners via their earphones. This type of interpretation is particularly suitable for conferences, congresses, round tables and symposia.


The interpreter relies on note-taking to render the speaker’s speech. The speaker is required to pause to allow interpretation. Particularly suitable for shorter meetings, working lunches and the like.


A more “immediate” and quick form of interpreting where the interpreter shares the same space as the speakers and facilitates understanding between them. It does not require note-taking. Particularly suitable for those situations that require immediate understanding.


The interpreter is seated among the participants and whispers (from French “chuchoter” “to whisper”) the translation directly into their ear. Whispered interpretation is usually used instead of consecutive to save time. Particularly useful as long as it is required by a restricted number of people (2 or 3).

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Business letters, Contracts, Various documents


Medical field (Medical charts, Medical equipment) Pharmaceutical, Scientific research.


Mechanics, Electrotechnics, Automotive, Egineering


Leisure, Tourism, Fashion

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